What can I tell you about myself that I haven’t already Tweeted, or Facebooked, or Instagrammed, or pinned on Pinterest, or incorporated into a column for Running Times? My life is pretty much an open book. Or at least an open tab in the web browser of existence.

I live in Maine, down a winding road in a house by the ocean with two ill-behaved dogs. When I’m not working or working out, you’ll find me in the kitchen or combing the beach for sea glass and heart shaped rocks.

This website, for better or worse, is a reflection of that life – silly, substantive, subversive, and with any luck, fun.

Here, by way of introduction,
are a few random facts:

Me, My Baby Sister and My Nasty Parrot

  • I’m an army brat, born in Germany.
  • I grew up all over the world, including a stint in Panama, where, in addition to getting the baby sister I always wanted, I adopted a nasty parrot. (See said parrot in my lap above).
  • I studied Russian and Chinese in college for no good reason whatsoever.
  • I travel. A lot. Blame it on my peripatetic upbringing.
  • I’ve had a boatload of careers.

Me & The First LadyIncredible people, famous and otherwise, have crossed my path.

I work for 1200 farm families. My job requires that I cook and travel, eat cheese and immerse myself in social media. Don’t hate me for my sweet gig.

I entertain at the drop of a hat.

I am a fitness freak. I’ve run hundreds of road races, including 19 marathons. Come to find out, in my dotage, my body is exacting revenge for this abuse. Nonetheless, I continue to run, walk, ride, ski, swim, kayak, snowshoe, and train – a lot slower than I used to, but I’m still at it.

A long time ago, I won the Mommy Lottery.

An Assortment of Bib Numbers from the Many Races I've Run In
It may come as no surprise that my personal motto is “More.”