Grilled Romaine with Cheddar Dressing

It seems that more and more restaurants I go to lately have a grilled Caesar Salad offering on their menus. On a date last week, I had a particularly delicious version of this old/new favorite. The salad was served hot off the grill with the cool dressing oozing in between the romaine leaves. It was divine. I resolved then and there to try my own spin on grilled romaine.

Cheddar Makes It Better

I love the smokey taste of the romaine leaves, drizzled with olive oil, as they emerge from the grill, but I was determined to combine it with something creamier than a regular Caesar dressing. My mind went immediately to a tried and true Cabot recipe for Cheddar Cheese Salad Dressing. I thought it would be a perfect complement to this elegant salad.

Reader, it was. Click Below for the Recipe.

Grilled Romainc Salad with Cabot Cheddar Dressing

  • Patricia

    Hi Candace,
    How much dressing does this recipe make? It seems like it might be an awful lot for just my husband and me. It does sound delicious and I would love to try it; but don’t want to have to dispose of any that may be leftover.

  • http://candacekaru.com Candace

    Hi Patricia:

    This recipe makes a substantial amount, more than you’d need for two. The good news is you can cut the ingredients in half for less dressing, or you can store in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. It actually gets better when it sits and makes even a bag of pre-cut greens a real salad treat. It’s also delicious on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise.

  • http://americlense.webs.com/ Norm Seavey

    I will make this Friday for an afternoon treat at Brunch Time. Then, On Saturday will take the sauce as I’m making a double batch and use it for my grilled Sea Scallops & Jumbo Shrimp 8 to a pound as this sounds to good not to and I’m going to add some finely grated Vidalia Onions because I like a little extra sweet Onion flavor for Sea Food. Might also try this for a good batch of fried Maine Clams & Sea Scallops on Sunday Just for something New to Try as I’m always experimenting with new dressings for Seafood. All in All, Cabots’ is # 1 For Great Food. Final Thought, This dressing will last 7 to 10 days longer and stay fresh in my Frig as I use an Air Purifier designed for refrigerators that kills Mold, bacteria and germs that break down and destroy food. The Viking Company sells refrigerators with built in air purifier if you can afford the price. I look forward to more great ideas’ here as summer fades and fall sets in, Norm

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